SkyV - Now Shipping!

Our apologies, this product is no longer available. Its replacement, a redesigned unit featuring a large format, single panel and Ultra HD playback will soon be available. If you wish to be notified about the launch date of the upcoming SkyView, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will be happy to alert you when available for quoting.

Sky Factory SkyV ™ Digital Cinema Display

es la ilusión de un cielo real, un tragaluz virtual que muestra, durante varias horas y en secuencias Ultra HD, la esencia viva de la naturaleza en el cielo. El SkyV es un sistema de monitores de precisión que se integran a un marco en el plafón para simular la existencia de un tragaluz.

SkyV in a Hospital Room

Principales características

  • Ultra High-Definition resolution - SkyV's UltraHD delivers three times more detail than full 1080p HD content, with overall resolution of 3,240 pixels x 1,920 pixels.
  • Unique Illusions of Sky Content - each SkyV features eight hours of real-time sky views. Each scene (average length is 1¼ hours) features continuous, non-repeating footage of beautiful sky events - evolving clouds, over-hanging trees and blossoms (and the occasional fauna). Our proprietary, UltraHD footage is created by Sky Factory for SkyV, and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Advanced Technology - commercial-grade LED-edgelit LCD monitors and components designed to withstand thousands of hours of continuous, 24/7 operation.


Algunas de sus aplicaciones:

Salud-salas de espera, salas de tratamiento, habitaciones de los pacientes, cafeterías Hotel y Restaurante-vestíbulos de hoteles, restaurantes, spas, casinos Comercial-locales comerciales, oficinas corporativas Institucional-aeropuertos, edificios de gobierno, escuelas Residencial-dormitorio, sala de estar, sótanos y áreas de remodelación  


1) Dust Cover

2) Support Frame - Supports monitors and is used to mount the assembly to the ceiling structure.

3) Monitors with hinged, drop-down support frames - Three 40" LED-edgelit LCD monitors with attached support frames.

4) Trim - Several trim options are available.

5) Remote Control - Wall mounted touch screen remote control allows user to select scenes and playlists, adjust volume, pause, stop and play scenes.

6) Plug & Play Enclosure - Hard drive based system delivers 8 hours of UltraHD content (3240x1920 pixels). Small, quiet, and robust, it is intended for long hours of uninterrupted use.

RED Digital Cinema Camera

RED Epic® & RED One® son las cámaras de cine digital UltraHD 5K y 4K utilizadas para grabar películas tales como La Chica del Dragón Tatuado, Blanca nieves y el Cazador, Prometeo, La Red Social, El Hobbit, y más.

UltraHD Content

The Sky Factory's award-winning photographers and cinematographers create superb footage of pristine nature. Using the latest RED Digital Cinema™ technology, they capture the beauty of the sky, our largest common experience of nature, in all of its engaging subtlety and variety, from a range of locations and climactic conditions.

SkyV sequences are fixed compositions, generally 1 to 1½ hours long, that allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the play and display of the sky's beautiful evolution over time.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us, we are often able to capture the scenery our clients want.